Unless you have a room for your beauty products (sorry thats a whole different blog) chances are you have your makeup stuffed in a bag and tossed in your bathroom cabinet, who can relate? I’m sure your sick of reaching around in that makeup covered bag just to find your liner without it’s cap on. If this sounds like you follow these easy organization tips!

What you’ll need:
•1 Large drawer or 2 small drawers
•Bath or kitchen Organizers (silverware organizers work well)(You can find them at any local store. TJ Max and Marshalls are our fav!) •Makeup/Makeup tools

Grab your favorite beverage, as this can get a little tedious! Lets start with the inevitable, take everything out! Try to keep everything in categories. Foundations, concealer, primers. Bronzers, blush, highlighter, and so on! Now the real process begins. Wipe everything down, no body wants a lint covered beauty sponge! While everything is already out this would be a great time to clean all of your brushes. Once clean place your organizers in the drawers creating a division and a “home” for each one of your products. 

Staring to feel better already huh? Heres where the fun begins! I love strategically placing my products to what makes the most sense for my routine. As you can see below in the top drawer I like to group together my eye shadows, blushes, and so forth. In the back I like to put my primers and setting sprays. On the right side I have my eye pencils, brows and mascaras. 

In the bottom drawer I like to put my tools, beauty sponges, brushes, and tweezers. I also keep my lashes and lip products in this drawer.

Where to get it: Organizers-home goods, amazon, Walmart and more. Heres a link to one I like. https://www.amazon.com/Whitmor-Section-Drawer-Organizer-Clear/dp/B00AN8CTX0/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1548963505&sr=8-6&keywords=organizer+for+bathroom+drawer

Now that your makeup is organized chances are you’ll have a lot more room and time to dedicate to your makeup routine! We hope this inspires you to get fun with your looks and grab for the things that you usually don’t have time for!

How I like to organize my hair products…

The best way to utilize a small space is by putting your products and tools up on the wall. I use a cube shelving unit. On top I place all my taller product bottles, below the shorter ones. Underneath the shelves I placed hooks to hold my most frequently used tools, blow dryer and curling iron. It always benefits to keep a small area for your clips, hair ties etc. Who else bought hair ties yesterday and have one left. ME!

What you’ll need:(find linked below)
•Shelves 1 or 2 will do & hardware
 •Hair products

Hope these tips make your life easier and less cluttered!